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NTNU New Contract Award

8 days after delivering the Vacuum Induction Furnace to NTNU in Trondheim, Taha Solutions and Services As has been awarded the contract for delivering an equipment for Multimodal Neuroimaging for Language Processing Research

 Frequency-domain fNIRS system

Taha will deliver a complete frequency-domain fNIRS system, with at least 8 emitters and 5 detectors. The offered solution includes measurement caps of different sizes (for recordings with young children as well as adults), over caps (to block environmental light), short-distance detectors (to filter out the extracerebral component from the NIRS signal) and any other necessary components.

Taha will deliver the software packages required to record and analyze fNIRS data using the equipment in the offer. Software packages will be compatible with mainstream scientific software, e.g., Matlab, in that they should allow data to be exported to/imported from these software packages.

Taha will also provide installation, training and on-site support, of both hardware (fNIRS) and software specifying what is part of the overall offer.

The Contract with over 1.6M NOK value is awarded in March 2019 and the system will be delivered in May 2019.